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Vigorboost. Maca, Ginseng & L Arginina

Made with Vitamin D3, B6, B12 & Zinc. 120 capsules.

Our Vitamin D3 4000 IU product provides you with a high amount of Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) in capsules suitable for vegans. The Vitamin D 4000 IU supplement contains the vitamin D you need for 4 months.




What benefits does it bring?

VIGORBOOST made with natural extracts of Maca, Ginseng, L Arginine and Vitamins D3, B6 B12 and Zinc is our most complete product:
It gives you the vigour and energy you need with its Andean Maca and Ginseng, high in maca and ginsenosides. It increases the construction of muscle mass, thanks to its content in Zinc, Vitamins B and L. Arginine. It enhances sexual desire and promotes fertility, thanks to Its vegetable extracts, Zinc and Vitamin D3. It improves blood circulation, increasing your sports performance. It strengthens your defenses and keeps your immune system strong by providing you with high concentrations of Vitamin D3, B6 and Zinc.

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Who is it for?

It is an ideal product for:
Athletes who want to increase their performance and improve their recovery. People with erectile dysfunction. Increasing sexual desire. Combatting states of decline after a period of convalescence. Increasing fertility.
Periods of little sun exposure. Combatting hangovers.

How can I take it?

If you consume it regularly, we recommend 2 capsules a day at breakfast and if you take it punctually, for no more than 7 days, we recommend 4 capsules distributed over breakfast and lunch.