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Vitamin C & D

Vitamin C & D 1200mg + 1,500 IU (International Units) of high concentration.

Synergistic combination of Vitamin D and C to strengthen your immune system. 180 capsules.

Our Vitamin C & D supplement provides you with a high daily dose of these two vitamins to make sure you keep your immune system in perfect condition. The Vitamin C & D supplement gives you 180 vegetable-based capsules making them suitable for vegans. Containing a daily dose of up to 1200 mg of Vitamin C and 1500 IU of Vitamin D.




What benefits does it bring?

Vitamin C and Vitamin D contribute to keeping your immune system healthy. That’s why it is our star supplement to strengthen and boost defences. In addition, Vitamin C also helps you reduce tiredness and fatigue, boost iron absorption and reduce oxidative stress. Vitamin D helps maintain strong and healthy bones and maintain normal levels of calcium in the blood and is involved in more than 4500 body processes.

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Who is it for?

People of all ages and pregnant women who want to keep their immune system in optimal condition, strengthen their defences and increase their vitality and energy. Suitable for vegans.

How do I take it?

For children up to 12 years of age we recommend 1 capsule a day.
Between 12 and 18 years of age we recommend 2 capsules a day.
For adults, we recommend 3 capsules a day.
To allow for better absorption, we recommend dividing the dose to be taken after each meal.